RapNet Instant Inventory API For E-commerce Platforms

RapNet Instant Inventory API For E-commerce Platforms


By Hiren Ghoghari Published in Rapnet

What is RapNet?

RapNet is a membership-based platform or we can say, an online marketplace specifically for diamond and diamond jewelry. Diamond suppliers, traders, and retailers join RapNet to list their diamonds for sale & connect with potential buyers. On RapNet, you can search for diamonds based on specific criteria such as carat weight, cut, color, clarify, and price, and communicate directly with other members using diamond api integration

How RapNet Work?

Note: Rapnet API integration is NOT a plug-in We have to do a custom installation on the host website. 

RapNet Instant Inventory: It provides a way for suppliers to display their diamonds in a visually appealing manner with detailed information such as images, certificates, and pricing. Additionally, provides customers with a convenient way to browse (a seamless way to display) & purchase diamonds directly from the site. 

Front End UI Design:

Integration with E-commerce Platforms

Integration of Rapnet API with WooCommerce:

We have created a WooCommerce Addon: “RapNet for WooCommerce” You can integrate that plugin into the site and fetch all real-time diamond data from Rapnet to the site.

Plugin Features:

  • Category Display: The plugin showcases two primary categories: White Colour Diamonds and Fancy Colour Diamonds.
  • Various Attributes: Diamonds are further organized into subcategories based on various attributes such as COLOR, SHAPE, CLARITY, RAPNET CULET, FLUORESCENCE COLOR, LABS, GIRDLE, SIZE TOTAL, PRICE TOTAL, DEPTH PERCENT, TABLE PERCENT, MEAS LENGTH, MEAS WIDTH, and MEAS DEPTH.
  • Real-Time Price Per Carat: Post-integration, the plugin facilitates real-time price updates per carat based on data fetched from RapNet. This ensures that the displayed prices are always current and accurate.
  • Export Options: The plugin offers export capabilities, allowing users to generate Print, CVS, and PDF files for the displayed diamond data.
  • 360 Degree Angle: This plugin offers 360 angles of diamonds so that you can view diamonds from all sides.

Front End UI Design for RapNet for WooCommerce:

How it works:

  • After installing the plugin “RapNet for WooCommerce” on the WooCommerce site, you simply enter your RapNet API key and the secret into the plugin’s settings.
  • The plugin then fetches real-time data from RapNet’s API and displays it within your WooCommerce store.
  • With this integration, the WooCommerce site gains access to RapNet’s comprehensive diamond inventory. Users can browse, select, and purchase diamonds directly from the site using WooCommerce’s familiar e-commerce features(Add to Cart, Checkout, and Payment Method). This seamless integration enhances the user experience and facilitates diamond transactions on the site.

Rapnet Integration with WordPress and WooComerce, from the following steps, you can successfully integrate RapNet API with WooComerece, allowing you to offer your customers a wide range of diamonds.

Integration of Rapnet API with Shopify:

  • Log in to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to Apps > Manage private apps. Click on “Create a new private app” and fill in the required details. Make sure to enable the necessary permissions for the app.
  • Create a Shopify app that interacts with the Rapnet API to fetch data and update your store. Write custom scripts (using Shopify’s ScriptTag API) that fetch data from the Rapnet API and display them on the Shopify store.

In this way, you can Shopify RapNet Integration on an e-commerce site. Integrating RapNet API with Shopify requires technical expertise in both Shopify Development & API Integration = Shopify Rapnet Integration. If you are not familiar with these technologies, you may hire a developer or agency with expertise in integrating third-party API into Shopify. 

Integration of Rapnet API with Magento:

  • Develop a custom Magento module to handle the integration with RapNet. This module will contain the logic for fetching diamond data from RapNet and displaying it in your Magento store.
  • Add configuration options to your custom module to store your RapNet API credentials securely. This will allow you to easily change or update your API credentials in the future.
  • Use Magento’s API or a custom PHP script to fetch diamond data from RapNet. This involves sending a request to the RapNet API with your API key and secret, receiving the data in response, and processing it for display in your Magento store.

With secure transactions, effective search and filtering functionality, and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your RapNet Magento Integration continues to provide value to your business and customers over time.

Integration of Rapnet API with React:

  • You have to write a function in your React app that sends a request to RapNet’s servers using fetch, including your API key for authentication. This function asks RapNet for specific data, waits for the response, and then processes that data (like displaying it in your app). 
  • You’ll use this function in the parts of your app where you need the RapNet data, utilizing React’s use effect hook to trigger the data fetch when your component loads. 
  • This way, you can retrieve and display data from RapNet directly in your React application

In this way, you can React RapNet Integration on an e-commerce site. Integrating RapNet API with React requires technical expertise in both React Development & API Integration = React Rapnet Integration. If you are not familiar with these technologies, you may hire a developer or agency with expertise in integrating API into React.