Family Business Happiness – SOCH (Their Promise of Harmony, Unity, Growth & Abundance of Love & Prosperity)

In this WordPress case study, we’re going to discuss the WordPress website development project, related to Family Business. With ‘SOCH,’ an acronym for Strategic, Optimistic, Collaborative, and Harmonious, the program emphasizes a holistic approach to business success, focusing not only on strategic growth but also on fostering a positive and collaborative family environment.

About Them

Soch’s website goal is to work with Indian family businesses and organizations. The main task of this organization is how to transform these family businesses into global companies so that they can grow faster and reach out to business families looking for new capabilities. Across the organization’s website, the key challenges and issues faced by professional Indian families are depicted through a map and animation. Book appointment option is also provided to talk to the organization directly. This website is designed for their target audience so they will be directly attracted to their website and most important is that each image and tagline are designed while keeping their target audience concept in mind. We call this website an “Audience-Centric Aesthetics” based website.

What Comes Up?

In the search for a WordPress website development company, the client came up with VISION to help people and families involved in family businesses through online presence based on their vision we had to scratch a website from the ground there was figma design, so we started working on this project as per the client’s vision.

Our best experienced and talented WordPress website designer, joined hands with Figma designers to prepare the responsive Figma design, based on a logo design created to keep the brand consistent. Along with this daily updates were provided through photos, videos, links, and scheduled meetings. Once the client approved the design we proceeded to the development work. Completed the project before the deadline, ran it successfully, and launched the website.

What do we Finalize to Implement?

As we were working from scratch on this project, we did thorough market research and decided which issues to include in this project and which issues not to. The final report was presented to the client after interacting with the people involved in this work through various means. The client saw the report, understood it, made all the necessary corrections, and gave it to us and we started working on it. Designing in responsive Figma, and based on a logo design created to keep the brand consistent then decided to start this project and the development work.

As a WordPress website development agency, we had completed many WordPress website development projects related to e-commerce but creating a website for a business related to family work was a new task for us. However, starting to do research as part of a solid strategy took a lot of time. After completing all the research, we started the very detailed development work on this project as per the client’s demand.


Being associated with this field for years, many clients are working with us every day with different and new requests. Our job is to successfully deliver the work satisfying all the requirements and we did the same in this project. After completing the project we got to learn something new and the skills of our developers also improved.

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